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8 Ideas for Making Your Home Safe for Seniors

Older people gradually lose their faculties and increase their insecurity in any situation simply because of the passing of time. It is important that this impairment of their abilities does not generate problems or accidents. This is why it is essential to adopt measures that allow a safe home for the elderly.


Taking care of lighting is fundamental because eyesight of the elderly is not as good as those that are younger. Always try to ensure that the house has good lighting so that seniors can easily see what is around them.

Also, try to make sure that outlets and plugs are within reach, avoiding extension cords which can cause tripping. And make sure there are enough switches to move around the house. It is essential to have a spot of light near your bed that can be operate without having to get up and avoid moving in the dark.


Try to get rid of furniture you do not need and avoid unnecessary decorations. This is one of the home improvements that will help ensure safety for seniors. The excess of furniture in areas of the house can be an insurmountable obstacle and cause accidents.


The bathroom is one of the most dangerous areas of the house for an older person. Changing the bathtub to a shower will facilitate access and mobility for the elderly.

In addition, placing support points and chairs with non-slip mats in the shower will increase safety. Outside the shower, around the toilet and sink, support points are also useful to make movement easier and safe.


In the kitchen non-skid floors are important to avoid slipping. Also make sure that kitchen utensils are within reach and those that are least used in the farthest area of the kitchen.

A safe home for older people prevents you from having to climb stairs or stools to access elevated areas. The smoke detectors are also a good idea in the kitchen to avoid possible fire if the older person by mistake left the burning stove.


On the floor, it is also advisable to remove carpets and mats as they can often cause slippage. Otherwise, they should always be attached to the floor.

However, attached carpets can also cause falls because an older person is more likely to stumble because the ability to lift their feet is reduced.


The bedroom bed should fit the needs of the person in question and it is advisable that the mattress does not sink too much as this makes it difficult for the older person to get out of bed.

It is also important to avoid clutter in a safe home for the elderly. The presence of obstacles in their way which can cause them to stumble when rising, mainly at night, is a risk to avoid. This is applicable to all rooms in the house. The less disorder there is, the less chance of an accident.

Signaling to achieve a safe home for the elderly

Highlight the areas of the home that can generate problems such as stairs. The steps should be comfortable and have handrails to help the individual move up and down safely.

Also the door opening systems should be easy to operate and manipulate.

The best measure: do not wait to take action

There should not be an accident for someone to take these measures seriously. Experts recommend that work must always be done taking into account the physical or mental capacity of the people who are going to inhabit the house. Only thus, with suitable home reforms, you can get adapted homes.