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Where to Place the Bed in a Master Bedroom

In the design of a master bedroom, the colors you choose for the space are the most significant in the overall look of the room impact. However, the way you choose to organize your furniture also affects the style and atmosphere of the space. Placement of the bed is especially important because you want to feel comfortable in it to ensure a good night’s sleep. You can choose from various places for bed, but the size of your bedroom can limit your options.

Wall opposite the door

The traditional place for the bed in the master bedroom is on the wall opposite the door. The bed is usually focused on the wall, but can be placed off-center if a window or any other fixed element limits your choices. The placement of the bed along the wall opposite the door is ideal if you have an elaborate headboard, because it will be the first thing seen when you walk into the room. This position works well for large and small bedrooms, provided that the wall opposite the door is sufficient to accommodate your bed.

Door wall

If you cannot put your bed on the wall opposite the door due to windows and other fixed features, you can place it in the same wall as the door. While this placement is not recommended by the design principles of feng shui, you can create, however, a private intimate space for the bed, as it is hidden from view of the door. It can also provide panoramic views from your bed if there is windows in the wall opposite the door.

Corner opposite the door

For a more unusual arrangement, try placing your bed diagonally in the corner opposite the door. This position requires more space than the centering of the bed to the wall, so it works best in a large room. As with the centering of the bed in the wall opposite the door, a diagonal arrangement allows the bed and headboard to become the point focal of the room, because the location is unique and striking. It is also an easy way to add interest to a room that has a simple design, as a neutral color palette and minimalist furniture.

Center of the room

The most dramatic placement for a bed is located in the center of the room, away from the walls. Instantly the bed is the focal point of the room. This position makes an impressive setting for a poster or a canopy bed. However, this arrangement only works in a spacious bedroom, and you should have enough space around the bed for other furniture. To prevent bed look like it was floating in the middle of the room, you can “anchor” it by placing a carpet underneath it or add a bench at the foot of the bed.