living room redesign

Tips for Improving Your Home Decor

When your home is properly decorated, it gives those who enjoy it a pleasant feeling through its organization, harmony and beauty. Unconsciously, a pleasant environment allows us to feel relaxed.

Sometimes, due to lack of information or advice, we make unforgivable mistakes that make the spaces inside our home lack personality and even seem unattractive. Here are some of the most common:

Undoubtedly classic style

Many times we use too many elements that were in fashion in the 1920s and highlight romanticism in the rooms. However, to use them in the 21st century is in bad taste. It uses light and translucent curtain panel. To create height, choose ones that go from floor to ceiling. If you want to cover up the natural light in your bedroom so you can sleep in the morning, you can install venetian blinds in addition to the curtains.

Disorder: silent noise

Housework can be tiresome, however, a messy space will significantly detract from the beauty of your decor. If you decorate a room that is always disorderly, the imagination and effort that you put in that project will be hidden. You can solve this problem by removing everything that clutters the room, choosing only the elements that go with the environment you want to create. Be creative and use storage ottomans, trunks and baskets to organize.

 Purchase of unnecessary decorations

Having too many decorations will disproportionate the room. When you go shopping, you tend to fall in love with an object, buy it, take it home and many times not even think if it goes with the style of your home. The result is a recharged environment, full of decorative accessories that do not go well with each other. The solution is prior planning to your style; having clear parameters of the style you want to achieve will make it easier when you go to buy accessories.

Excessive use of color

The tireless repetition of a color in the same space destroys the aesthetics of the decoration. This can even unconsciously make people moody and give off a negative aura. To highlight a color in your decoration choose a palette for the room and repeat the color to accentuate in strategic points only to unify the design. You will achieve the dramatic touch you’re seeking using the appropriate colors.

With these tips it will be easier to follow the right path in terms of decoration.